The WebGL build seems unable to display the in-game tutorial UI. Please use the instructions below, or download the Windows version of the game.   -FanManPro


Press 'A' or 'D' to move around.

Press 'SPACE' to jump.

Press 'E' to interact.

Press 'R' to reset.

To climb, hold jump while moving into wall. Once you start climbing, you can let go of only jump. Jump while climbing to do a climb jump.

About the game:

The goal for this project is to put a strong focus on movement mechanics. This has been my focus for most of the project and I will continue to improve it until I'm satisfied the game feels more like an action game and not just platforming.

Beyond that the plan is to control multiple character throughout a level and different routes each can take. Each route grants a bonus that improves the character's abilities and open up routes within other levels.


Music by Garret Rose

I appreciate everyone reviewing and leaving comments on the game.


Download 36 MB

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