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Bad life decisions, specifically financial ones, are all around us and they are so easy for fall victim to. It often starts with a little too much momentum into the wrong direction and before you know it, your stuck in that routine. Getting out is really hard but the best thing to do is just to steer clear once the momentum starts building up.


You task is simple. Don’t build up too much momentum into the wrong direction (right) and always keep track if good financial goals. Also don’t forget to stop and smell the roses (I put in a few inscriptions to lighten the mood).


“A” and “D” to move left and right

“Space” to jump

From the creator

As I stared at the theme I only saw three words: your, life, and currency. I guess it’s mainly due to the big steps I recently took in life and it started when I quit my job.

From that first day I started looking at things differently. Mainly realizing what was important to me and what wasn’t… Forgotten friends resurfaced. Bad habits become nonsensical. Shallow relationships grew sour. Expensive restaurants were boring.

Three years later, I’m in different country (ZA->CA), different career (webdev->gamedev), different outlook (materialistic->frugal), and happier than ever. Enjoy my game. Peace :)


LetsMakeBadLifeDecisions-Win32-PhysicsAndRestart.zip 17 MB
LetsMakeBadLifeDecisions-Win-PhysicsAndRestart.zip 19 MB

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